Home studio advice

Home studio advice

Do you want to setup your own midi or audio home studio but want to be advised? I have over 20 years of experience. Drop me an email to inquire about the possibilities.

Ask me about:

  • Connecting your studio
  • Hardware, including computer, soundcards, audio processors, patch bays, monitor controllers, DAW controllers, and digital mixers.
  • Software, including DAWs (e.g., Cubase, WaveLab), Plugins, Virtual Instruments (VSTi).
  • Routing of audio and midi devices
  • Studio monitoring
  • Acoustics, including Room EQ Wizard
  • How to get your music on streaming services like Spotify
  • etc

We will use Zoom for the online sessions.

What do I offer?

1 online session of 1 hour: 50 euro per person.


Antoine van Kampen
Den Bosch, the Netherlands
email: ahcvankampen@gmail.com