Start Sound Education Nederland; Audiotechnology (Sunday, 8 September, 2021)

First lesson from Sound Education Nederland.

SEN offers a training program that not only includes music production, mixing and mastering but also live sound, synthesis, music theory, arranging, keyboard lessons, songwriting, audio for games, film music, etc. In addition, part of the programme focusses on personal development, marketing, promotion, social media training, job application training, making a step-by-step plan for AFTER the training.

Today we started with the very ‘simple’ question ‘What is sound?’ In the past I already posted a few articles about this topic. See [here] and [here] and [here].

Part of the participants follow the course on location in Utrecht while others, like me, follow the live stream. Very good quality. On location the streaming is managed by the streaming engineer and another assistant takes care of the questions through the Chat. Very well setup. Questions can be asked through the Chat.

I have also schedule a first practical session at studio Sound Vision in Arnhem. Looking forward to this.