Time to start (Saterday, 24 July, 2021)


I finally finished my latest song Time to Start with help of several session musicians, and Tomasz Banyś who did a very good job on mastering my mix.


(Backing) Vocals and Bass guitar: Ana Pshokina (session vocalistinstagramyoutube; Ukraine)

Guitar: Wagner Silva (session guitaristinstagramyoutube; Brazil)

DrumsGlenn Welman (session drummerYouTube; UK)


You find the song on SoundCloud, Spotify (will take some time to appear here), and YouTube.

The final song:



Thanks to all, I could also make a nice video for this song. Hope you enjoy.


I a couple of weeks I will also start my course with SoundEducation hopefully improving my mixing (and other) skills. Due to Corona the lectures will be online while the practical parts will be individually or in small groups in one or more of the associated studios.