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Reorganizing my studio (Part I)

Monday, 11 April 2021

After a lot of hesitation I decided to reorganize my studio for several reasons: (1) I decided to remove all my outboard gear that I had stacked up in my 19-inch rack because I was hardly using it anymore since I completely mix in-the-box, (ii) I wanted to have more space for my controllers on my desk (Stream Deck XL, Big Knop, CC121, Console 1 Fader) and, consequently, (iii) I moved the Behringer X32 from my desk to the previous space of my rack.

It took me about 2 days to disconnect everything, to detangle the many cables, and to connect my computer again.

I placed the X32 on top of my 16HE rack (which is on a board with wheels) from which I removed all outboard gear. Fits perfectly, and now I can easily get behind the mixer for making all the connections. I have ordered a new 6HE rack that fits inside the 16HE rack, and in which I will reinstall the three Behringer DI800 Ultra DI’s, one Behringer PX 3000 Patchbay, the Roland A880 midi patch, and probably the Behringer Powerplay Pro XL headphone amplifier. On the patchbay I will only put six X32 output channels and the 6 aux channels (in and out). This will provide me with full flexibility of using any input/output of the X32, and also will be able to hook up, for example, the Lexicon MPX500, when needed and which I now removed from my rack (photos later).

On my desk I have now ample space for all controllers and more.

Thus, still work to do. Need to install the new rack, connect all instruments again to the X32, and connect all midi to the A880. Will also need to recalibrate my the ARC system. One advantage, though, from the new setup is that i have far less cables and got rid of all cables that ran from the rack to the X32 on my desk.