Elgato Stream Deck XL

The Stream Deck XL from Elgato facilitates studio-level control of software. The Stream Deck XL comprises 32 keys that are fully customizable. Each key can be linked to folders or profiles allowing to give each key a multitude of functionalities. It is connected through USB.

Stream Deck XL works with the entire system to, for example, allow to open Windows folders, execute programs (e.g., Cubase), open websites, control programmes (e.g., Cubase), etc. It allows to control video streaming by facilitating easy control over video, audio, cameras, soundbites and scenes.  In combination with autohotkey it allows for unlimited possibilities to control my computer. It is extremely easy to configure. And every key can show any icon or image you assign to it.


I use it to improve my mixing workflow and to control some of my music software. In particular, I am using it with the Steinberg software (Cubase, Dorico, etc). A profile for Dorico can be obtained at Notation Central. A profile for Cubase is found here.

Here you see the Stream Deck XL in action with Dorico: