Ever Mysterious

Date: August 2020
Style: Soul


Composition and arrangement

This song was composed by Antoine van Kampen (AvK).



Lyrics were written by Aggie Hinskens. 


Ever Mysterious - Lyrics 20.18 KB 5 downloads

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Lead vocals were performed by Montel Moore (US; www.montelmusic.com). Lead vocals in bridge were performed by Karlijn de Vries (NL; www.karlijndevries.com). Background vocals by performed by  Juliet (UK; soundbetter.com/profiles/179853-juliet www.starnow.co.uk/Ighodaro). Guitar parts were played by Bas van Kampen (NL; www.facebook.com/changingtidesband). Hammond XK5, Fender Rhodes Mark II, and synthesizer (Nord Stage 2) were performed by AvK. Drums and bass were virtual instruments. 



Vocals recorded by Montel Moore, Karlijn de Vries and Juliet Ighodaro were reccorded at their respective locations. Karlijn used a Fame Vintage F47 microphone, Juliet used a Rode NT1A. Both are large-diaphragm condensor microphones.


Mixing and Mastering

Mixing was done in Cubase Pro 10.5. Mastering (only level normalization and rendering) was done using WaveLab Pro 10.0. By Antoine van Kampen

Composition notes:

Chord progression:


Ever Mysterious - Chord Progression (pdf) 96.83 KB 209 downloads

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Ever Mysterious - Chord Progression (Dorico) 985.98 KB 2 downloads

This file can be opened with the Steinberg Dorico music notation software See also Ever...

Note that the Dorico/pdf files do not fully match the final composition/mix since at a late stage I decided to extend the bridge in Cubase. 

  1. The bass line comes from Band-in-a-Box 2020 except for the bridge part, which was composed manually using a midi editor and using a Halion 6 (Steinberg) virtual bass instrument. 
  2. I compiled the drum track in BFD3 (Acoustic drum software; FXpansion). I ensured that the drums matched the bass line, and added variations at various places in the composition. All individual drum tracks (kick, snare, hihat, etc) were exported to Cubase as dry wav files.
  3. All guitar parts were record dry (DI) Subsequently, the different guitar parts were run through Amplitube 4 (amplifier/speaker simulator; IKmultimedia) and other insert/send effects.
  4. Fender Rhodes Mark II was recorded with some distortion and vibrato using guitar stomp boxes.


     Mix description

Mixing was done in Cubase Pro 10.5 using various virtual instruments and plugins (e.g., reverb, delay, eq, compressors).  


     Final mix

The final mix (wav, mp3) and all 58 individual tracks are available through Dropbox HERE.



The first mix sounded like:

After feedback I further improved the mix:

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