The DEQ2496 is a digital 24-bit/ 96 kHz EQ/Real Time Analyzer (RTA) mastering processor that I have used on many occasions in my live setup but also in my studio.

Image: front panel of the DEQ2496 displaying the graphical equalizer.


Image: Rear-side of the DEQ2496 with various inputs and outputs


Image: Inside the DEQ2496


Graphic and parametric equalizers
Dual 31-band Graphic Equalizers, 31-band Virtual Para-graphic Equalizers, and 10-band Parametric.
Frequency bandwidths can be changed from 1/3, to as tight as 59/3.

Dynamically-Activated EQ
Dynamic EQ (DEQ) automatically raises or lowers a defined frequency range based on volume level. It’s literally a combination of an equalizer (with frequency center and bandwidth controls) and a dynamics processor (with Attack, Release, Threshold and Ratio parameters).

Feedback Destroyer with Learning Mode
The Feedback Destroyer (FBQ) feature is essentially a dynamically-activated parametric EQ that “watches” the whole frequency spectrum in 1∕60-octave bands and then instantly identifies and notches out feedback. It includes a Learn mode that generates short audio pulses, raises their gain until feedback occurs, and then locks onto feedback-prone frequencies.

Stereo Imager
While usually considered a mastering technique, the ability to widen the stereo image can be useful in live sound work, too. The DEQ2496 Width processor provides control over Stereo Width (how clearly the two sides of the stereo image are separated from each other), Asymmetry (relative volume of left/right stereo signal), Rotation (panning of stereo + mono in the stereo image) and a multipart Shuffle function than can generate an additional low-frequency stereo width effect.

Compressor/Expander and Limiter
The DEQ2496 has a comprehensive set of dynamics processing tools that can be used as two independent channels or stereo linked. Everything you’d find on a dedicated compressor/expander is here, including variable ratios from 1:1.1 – 1:100, Attack times of 0 – 200 ms, 0 – 3 dB variable knee and 20 ms – 4 s Release times, all adjustable via a coarse/fine adjustment scale. The built-in separate Limiter features Threshold, Hold and Release functions.

Digital Delay
You can delay either the DEQ2496’s Main or Aux outputs from 0 – 300 ms, and process left and right channels independently.

RTA/SPL/FFT Analyzer with Auto EQ function
The DEQ2496 features an FFT real time analyzer for precise graphic display of 61 frequency bands. You can monitor main or digital inputs and outputs, Aux/Digital Out, or a feed from an RTA microphone and display the results in a multitude of ways including funky retro VU meters. You get all of the usual peak/hold, display rate and scale features you would expect from a professional measurement tool, plus our user-definable AEQ (Auto EQ function), which allows you to analyze and adjust your system’s frequency response automatically (perfect for “roughing out” initial room adjustments). In Graphic EQ mode, you can choose between Uncorrected response, which shows the mutual influence of adjacent bands, or select True response to apply a specially developed algorithm that displays the actual results of the equalizer setting.

See also my IK Multimedia ARC 2.5 system.


  • Multi-functional level meters (peak/RMS, VU and SPL meter with dBA/dBC weighting via RTA/Mic input)
  • 64 user memories for complete setups and/or individual module configurations



The photos below show some functionalities on the DEQ2496 on its display



See it in action: Room correction




Behringer ULTRACURVE PRO DEQ2496 (User Guide) (pdf) 4.20 MB 33 downloads

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Behringer ULTRACURVE PRO DEQ2496 (Specifications) (pdf) 695.50 KB 21 downloads

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