Yamaha Motif ES7

The Yamaha Motif ES7 is  music production synthesizer with 76-note semi-weighted keyboard that was released in 2003.  It’s main features are:

  • 128-voice polyphonic.
  • 16-part multitimbral.
  • 176MB of ROM sounds (1859 waveforms) with 768 preset voices, 64 drum kits, 128 GM voices, one GM drum kit, 256 user Voices, and 32 user drum kits.
  • Arpeggiator with 1787 preset and 256 user patterns.
  • 16-track, 226,000-note capacity linear/pattern-based sequencer, with real- or step-time recording, 480ppqn (pulses per quarter note) resolution, full cut/paste editing, and recordable controller movements.
  • 16-bit stereo sampler offering 44.1kHz, 22.05kHz, 11.025kHZ, and 5.5125kHz sampling rates. Up to 512MB of sample RAM can be accommodated, with a maximum sampling time of around 50 minutes at 44.1kHz with 512MB of RAM. WAV, AIFF, and Akai samples can be loaded.
  • Includes many effects (Reverb 20 types, Chorus 49 types Insertion 116 types x 8 blocks, Master Effect 8 types, Master EQ 5 bands, Part EQ 3 bands, stereo)

The synth engine comprise Yamaha’s  AWM2 ‘Advanced Wave Memory’ sample-and-synthesis system.

Image: Yamaha Motif ES7.

I have extended the Motif ES7 with to hardware expansion boards that can be mounted inside the synthesizer

  • PLG150-AP: Acoustic piano with 29MB of waveform data and 32 patch presets. Adds an extra 64 notes of polyphony.
  • PLG150-VL: Virtual acoustic, adds one voice of physically modelled wind instrument sounds. Updated version of the PLG100-VL.

Image: Yamaha PLG150-AP acoustic piano expansion board

In addition, I added sounds from (commercial) Motif ES7 voiced libraries such as:

For many years I used the Motif ES7 as a master keyboard during live performances, having it controlling the settings (e.g., patches) of the Hammond XK3 and Roland XP80.

Image: Motif ES7 as the master keyboard with the Hammond XK3 and Roland XP80 on top.

Image: my previous live setup in more detail


Image: Yamaha Motif ES7 in my studio. On top is the Roland XP80 synthesizer.


The Motif ES7 could easily be programmed by connecting it to a computer and using the editor/librarian software of John Melas.

Image: Voice Editor from John Melas. A Drum Kit Editor, Performance Editor, Mix Editor, and Master Editor are also available. 




Yamaha Motif ES7 Data list (pdf) 771.72 KB 10 downloads

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Yamaha Motif ES7 Owners Manual (pdf) 8.01 MB 12 downloads

The Yamaha Motif ES7 Synthesizer. See also: Motif ES7 All keyboards ...

Yamaha Motif ES7 Master mode (pdf) 160.01 KB 8 downloads

The Yamaha Motif ES7 Synthesizer. See also: Motif ES7 All keyboards ...

Yamaha Motif ES7 Effects (pdf) 469.06 KB 11 downloads

The Yamaha Motif ES7 Synthesizer. See also: Motif ES7 All keyboards ...

    How does it sound?



    How does it sound play by me?

    Video: The Motif ES7 still in an old setup with the Hammond XK3 on top. Here I play Domino from Jessie J with a backing track. 


    Video: The Motif ES7 with the Roland XP80 on top. Here I play Jump (Van Halen) with a backing track and you hear the Motif ES7 and XP80 simultaneously (midi out of the ES7 is connected to the midi in of the XP80 using the Roland A880 midi patcher).