Kawai CX-5H AT upright piano

I do no longer own this piano. It has now been replaced by the Yamaha CLP-675 digital piano.

The Kawai CX-5H AT is an normal acoustic piano can be turned into a high-quality digital piano with a simple handle beneath the keyboard which ‘disconnects’ the piano hammers from the strings. In digital mode, you can connect the included headphones and play at any time of the day or night without disturbing others. 

The piano has 5 different piano sounds and 8 other sounds, and can even record the playing. Two headphone jacks enable normal piano lessons and four-handed playing in digital mode. In addition, this Anytime piano have MIDI sockets as well as line inputs and outputs so that they can be connected to any amplifier or other instrument that comprises MIDI. 


How does it sound?



How does it sound play by me?

…You don’t want to know…….