Hammond XK5

The Hammond XK5 is a modular instrument that can grow to a full organ. I have a configuration with two keyboards (XK5 and XLK-5 lower manual) together with the XPK-200 pedal board. I use the EXP100F expression pedal and CU-1 leslie switch. I don’t have a leslie speaker (heavy and expensive) but use the digital leslie emulation that comes with the XK5. Previously, I owned the Hammond XK3 but never could get these ‘real’ Hammond sounds. The Hammond XK5 is so much better and, to my ears, sounds identical to a real Hammond B3. For a long time, however, I could not make up my mind to choose between the XK5 and the Nord C2D combo organ. The C2D is another Hammond clonewheel that also sounds very good but seemed to be missing some ‘warmth’. Since I also own the Nord Stage 2 that contains the same organ engine as the Nord C2D i could to some extend judge by comparing the YouTube clips demonstrating the XK5.



Image: the Hammond XK5 with full 25-note pedal board. I use the smaller 20-note XPK200 pedal board (see below).


Image: the XPK200 pedal board

Image: My Hammond XK5 + XKP200 setup. I have an expression pedal (EXP-100F) attached to the pedal board. I also attached the CU-1 leslie switch. 

Manual and other documents


Hammond XK5 (Owners manual) (pdf) 10.26 MB 4 downloads

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Hammond XPK-200 Pedal Board (pdf) 579.93 KB 3 downloads

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Hammond XK5 (Sound on Sound review) (pdf) 5.28 MB 11 downloads

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How does it sound play by a pro?

How does it sound play by me?


The NORD C2D combo organ
Just to compare (and because I like this song)